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Tax No.: 21612315

Id No.: 6743226000

Iban: SI56 6100 0000 9280 822

Swift/Bic: HDELSI22

Bank: Delavska Hranilnica d.d., Ljubljana


What we do…

European Behavioral Studies Institute E.B.S.I. is an association of different experts, active in various fields of psycho-societal spheres and human behavior sciences. Beside this we are also engaged in deeper understanding of spoken and written words, combining it with behavior profiling. Covering several modern societal theories within anthropology, societal psychology and forensic psychology, that are the basis of our studies, give us the opportunity of men’s mind comprehension. Its complex functioning as the matter of analyzing sources our persistent desire to immerse men’s kind in its essential apparatus. The actual and broadest meaning of our behavior and words is the aim of projections and predictions in advance, which as such can be implemented into future interactions among the society. The goal is improved understanding of humankind and its social order which serves as resource for better tomorrow.


International Crime Association
American Association of Police Polygraphists